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Total Home Environment's (T.H.E) objective is simple - to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of a healthy home, sustainably and economically, whether an individual or a specifier. A healthy home contains fresh, filtered air, with no condensation, no stale air in the kitchen or bathrooms and no re-circulated dust, thanks to its heat recovery ventilation, heat pumps and central vacuum systems.
"Imagine vacuuming quickly and quietly, with more suction power than before, but with no re-circulated dust and nothing to lug around. An appliance life of over 20 years, permanent self-cleaning filters and a large dirt collector that only needs emptying 2 or 3 times a year - this is the reality of a central vacuum in your home."
"Imagine living in a home, without condensation, draughty trickle-vents or noisy extractor fans. Experience clean fresh air, free from pollen, dust or stale odours. Breathe easy knowing that over 100% of your precious heat energy is being recycled back into your home saving you money. Enjoy comfortable heating and gentle cooling of the air - this is the reality of latest generation of heat recovery ventilation with integral exhaust air-source heat pump."

"Imagine reducing your heating bill by half, slashing your carbon emissions and getting money back with the Renewable Heat Incentive for the next seven years. If you want a new heating systems that's 350% efficient and you're off gas or want to replace your inefficient boiler, then a Samsung air-source heat pump could the new eco heating system for you.'


Call us on 0345 260 0123 for more specialised advice on which system to specify or complete the form on our Contact Page to request contact from us. If you are already a customer and require support on your heating or hot water system please go to our Support Page  in the first instance.