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Total Home Environment Ltd‘s objective is simple - to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of an efficient healthy home, sustainably and economically, whether an individual or a specifier.

A healthy home contains fresh, filtered air, with no condensation, no stale air in the kitchen or bathrooms and no re-circulated dust, thanks to its ventilation and central vacuum systems.

Total Home Environment is the home to Beam Central Vacuums in the UK.  Previously distributing the Electrolux brand of Central Vacuums, we continue to serve all our existing customers with parts and service. 
Total Home Environment is also the home to, Pichler, Zehnder, Vent-Axia and Genvex heat recovery ventilation systems, some of the most respected and established ventilation manufacturers in Europe. They have a wealth of research and experience going back over 35 years.

Total Home Environment also had the pleasure of adding Samsung Air-Source Heat pumps to their sustainable system range. This has fitted-in very well with the room-by-room heat loss calculation service that they offer their clients to ensure that they have the right product specified for them and their home. (This might not necessarily be one of T.H.E's products!!)

In 2018 we partnered with a German manufacturer to produce the HPV Series - a heat pump ventilation system that provides very energy efficient heating, cooling, heat recovery ventilation and domestic hot water. Also in 2018 we became the UK distributors of the Pichler PKOM 4, a compact services unit providing heat recovery ventilation, heating, cooling and hot water for small apartments and townhouses.

In 2022, we started using a partner to specify ASHPs to all clients.

Total Home Environment has 25 years experience in sustainable technologies and prides itself in offering unrivalled national sales and distribution. This is supported by unprecedented guarantees on both their products and their extensive installation service, together with a best-value policy. As a result, they now play a major role in the new homes sector across Great Britain, helping their clients to surpass all building regulation requirements and move towards that golden goal of zero carbon emissions.

T.H.E hope you find this website informative and look forward to being of service. If you have any comments or queries, please Contact us
 or call us on 0345 260 0123 to have a chat.

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