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Please browse through genuine customer case studies with individual testimonials below. For Heat Pump Ventilation and PKOM 4 casestudies, please go to the ventilation case study part of our website.

Thumbnail of Heat Recovery Ventilation and Domestic Hot Water, Zero Carbon, Chewton Mendip Heat Recovery Heat Pump Ventilation & Hot Water Case Study for three thermally efficient zero carbon homes at Waldegrave Estate, Chewton Mendip. Please click here to enter pdf document.
Thumbnail of Heat Recovery Heat Pump Ventilation & Central Vacuum Case Study for a self-build new eco home with no heating bills. Heat Recovery Heat Pump Ventilation & Hot Water Case Study for a self-build new eco home with no heating bills. Please click here to enter pdf document.
Thumbnail of Heat Recovery Heat Pump Ventilation and domestic hot water of Code 4 housing project casestudy Heat Recovery Heat Pump Ventilation & Hot Water Case Study for a housing project in London of 77 Code Level 4 flats. Please click here to enter pdf document.
Thumbnail of Heat Recovery Heat Pump Ventilation for Zero Carbon House Casestudy Heat Recovery Heat Pump Ventilation Case Study for a Zero Carbon self-build in 2003 and still going strong, thanks to Total Home Environment! Please click here to enter pdf document.
Thumbnail of Heat Recovery Ventilation Passivhaus Social Flats Casestudy Heat Recovery Ventilation Case Study for the first Passivhaus Standard Social Flats in the UK. 3 houses were so well insulated they didn't need a heating system thanks to Total Home Environment. Please click here to enter pdf document.
Thumbnail of Heat Recovery Ventilation Nuclear Bunker Casestudy Heat Recovery Ventilation Case Study for Sustainable Timber Frame Ltd in their client's 6,000sqft nuclear bunker conversion/extension.Please click here to enter pdf document.
Thumbnail of Julia Chamberlain Casestudy Central Vacuum Case Study for Julia Chamberlain in her 5,500sqft newbuild/retrofit home. Please click here to enter pdf document.


Joanne Broughton , Oxfordshire - 14/06/24

'What a great company to deal with! Friendly, professional and excellent products.Total Home Environment advised, designed and installed an HPV and HPW system in our selfbuild home. We are very pleased with the environment we now have in our home, clean fresh air and no noisy extractors. The internal environment of our selfbuild was probably one of the biggest decisions we had to make through the build process. We made the right choice and couldnt be happier. Highly recommend.' 

Richard Tyzack , Monmouthshire - 04/03/24

'We are loving our PKOM4 so thank you for your help' 

Joanne Broughton , Oxfordshire - 05/12/23

'Total Home Environment is an exceptional company to deal with - Andrew Clapton is a top man, friendly and knowledgeable' 

Neil Davies , East Sussex - 05/12/23

"...Andy is more than happy to have a conversation over the phone, or you could visit their showroom in Moreton-in-Marsh. He is excellent and will explain what the system can and can't do. I've worked with a lot of MEPH consultants - and ones specialising in sustainable tech and Total Home Environment are the best I've come across so far." Neil Davies Architects LLP

Nick Chambers, Warwickshire - 19/10/23

"...One of the best discussions that I have had for years (sales consultant Andrew Clapton), clearly very knowledgeable and insightful, and an excellent communicator."

Neale Williams, Essex - 22/08/23

"We turned off the HPV and HPW for a couple of days when they were harvesting (dust storm) and covered up the vents...we noticed the real difference in the house...the air quality was not as good (claggy is the only way to describe it). It's not always easy to notice the difference in air quality but by turning it off really showed that the ventilation and cooling function makes a huge difference in level of comfort. With the ammount of solar we have along with the 20kW of battery, this basically runs the house for nearly free when the sun shines."

Graham Hillier, Herefordshire - 02/08/23

"I am pleased to say we've been enjoying the trappings of a warm, well-ventilated home and hot water on tap - quite a luxury compared with our old house!"

Ian Griffiths, Glamorgan - 05/05/23

"I am really happy with the system and it's really quiet. I would like to thank all the team for a job well done, from design to installation and commissioning."

Helen Needham, Oakwrights - 05/10/22

"Thank you for your email and the wonderful CPD you both held yesterday... the thought you have put into this email is indeed reflective of the care that is apparent in your firm and products...."

Adrian Austin-Crowe, Buckinghamshire  - 07/09/22

"The system (HPV Series) was a great help during the heatwave..."

Graham Soame, Oxfordshire  - 24/08/22

"...thanks very much Selena... I always thought you would provide great after sales service, how right was I! The holiday cottage opened a year ago and has been pretty much fully booked with all manner of commendations from our many happy clients. For the more nerdy ones, I am proud to tell them of the MVHR unit!"

Kate Silvester, Wiltshire  - 16/06/22

"...I came home after travelling on a cold night in May and opened my door to a warm house with just the MVHR: it was such a delight! Thank you... one of my best investments was the MVHR, which I wasn't anticipating... I had thought it was just a 'necessity'... I have recommended you to the five couples who visited my home at our 'green home' open homes weekend."

Sarah Gregory, Belgravia  - 27/04/22

"In short Lewis is an exceptional chap. He cares so much about getting the right job achieved for the customer. He was so thorough and so professional. our system wasn't straightforward and with the telephone support from Anthony (who's knowlege seems amazing)... I speak from experience with my observations having sold our family business with 2500 UK staff - look after the gems!"

Ian Foster, Powys  - 29/11/21

"The first system we installed in our own home was fitted in early 2000’s and is still working efficiently today for the current owners, and is still supported with spares by Total Home.

Total Home have excellent customer support and a deep practical technical understanding of the products they supply from initial design through to on site support. All the products they have supplied via ourselves or directly (as in your case) have always been designed and specified correctly, supplied on time and work for the property and clients needs. They only use reliable products and therefore are able to stand behind everything they supply. Any issues that arise, regardless of the reason, are dealt with promptly and professionally. You can always speak directly with people who understand the business of ventilation/heating, and the building industry. The directors of the business are actively involved and genuinely interested in providing the best products, innovation and support. By using them you are going with one of the best in the industry in my opinion."

Steve Forbes, Rugby  - 13/10/21

"Thanks Charles, best service ever."

William Fryer, Wiltshire  - 24/04/21

"I have used THE twice. I built an eco-home from scratch and they installed a MVHR. I was very impressed by the complete package. They helped with design and install and very helpful after sales. So impressed was I that when I recently converted a 1960s bungalow I again went to THE and used them. This time I installed a slightly different unit with once again fantastic results and great service from THE. I cannot recommend them enough. Always available and very helpful at every stage."

Brian Terry, Cornwall  - 16/03/21

"What a fantastic company you are - all my dealings with you have been brilliant and I recommend you to everyone I meet. I'm super-happy with my Genvex Prem 1 and can't fault it all."

Diana Thompson, Oxfordshire  - 29/12/20

"We are really happy with the house, which is cosy and warm even in this absolutely freezing weather, and we appreciate the light airy feel of it, even on the gloomiest days."


Niku Mawby, Warwickshire  - 27/07/20

"I've found you and Paul to have superb customer care. You're both very approachable, friendly and helpful - something rare these days. You and Paul are a credit ot your company..."

Alex Shaw, Hertfordshire  - 24/07/20

"I just watched Clarissa delivering an online presentation [at the Homebuilding & Renovating Virtual Show] for the HPV and HPW. Really, really good presentation, btw. So nice not to be treated like a dummy. She had the level of information, detail and fact I love, and presented it extremely well."

Jocelyn Gronow, Shropshire  - 11/12/19

"Our architect said of all the firms we are dealing with, Total Home Environment are the most helpful and professional. I now see why she said that. You are a star David..."

Nigel Goldsmith, Bakewell  - 04/12/18

"We are way off starting our build yet... but I was very impressed with Clarissa's Heat Pump Ventilation presentation on Saturday at the National Selfbuild & Renovation Centre in Swindon. It was a good seminar."

Tom Evans, Brinkworth  - 05/09/18

"We are so pleased with the system - the cooling in Summer was such a great investment - esp as powered by the solar panels..."

M Firmager, Somerset - 21/08/18

"... I came [to the EcoWorkshop at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre] to especially see and hear about the HPV and several other products. Good day well spent. So a special thanks to Clarissa please..."

Terry Gorman, Cheshire  - 29/06/18

"Total Home Environment took over the Genvex distributorship in the UK after we had had a heat recovery system installed by their predecessor. In that situation some companies would have been reluctant to provide us with a top-rate service, but not this one. They have been excellent and their service engineers are great. The heat recovery unit is pretty good as well!!!"

B Pybus, Gloucestershire - 29/05/18

"... system is great and noise levels are very low. No doubt spiral rigid ducting is the way to go even though the initial workload may be slightly higher. The Zehnder unit has performed faultlessly... all in all a great service from you all."

Barbara & David Evans, Powys - 02/05/18

"We were impressed with your solution when we visited the Homebuilding & Renovating Show in March, during the quotation stage and our visit to your offices. As a result we would like to proceed..."

Alan Gordon-Lee, Green Havens Ltd, Barnstaple - 03/11/17

"...the home has turned out well and it is good to work with companies with the same ethos."

Doug Scott, St Ives - 31/10/17

"...express my thanks and satisfaction for the exceptional service I have received from Total Home Environment. Having spent a lifetime in engineering, contracting... I have dealt with many suppliers, good and bad and I have to say that T.H.E rank amoung the best... all the people I have dealt with have been efficient, professional, flexible and responsive... It has been a pleasure to deal with your company."

Simon Page, St Albans - 08/01/16

"Please pass on to Mr Colin Houseman our heartfelt thanks for sorting out the noise glitches we had with our MVHR. He is a credit to your company."

Ray Vince, Southampton - 30/09/15

"I thought you would like to know that we have achieved an EPC rating of A - 92 points. Thanks Total Home for your support throughout. The rating is a significant uplift from the 2010 SAP rating of 78 for the original design for a timber frame build. We upgraded our efforts in design after meeting you and Sue Dewhirst at The SelfBuild & Renovation Centre last year. As a result we changed to SIPS, focused on air-tightness as well as fabric and switched to air-source heat pumps, MVHR and solar PV! I look forward to staying in touch."

Jacqueline Todd, London - 27/04/15

"Great, uber efficient!"

G Migneco, Malta - 13/04/15

"Thanks for your professional service, I have just received the items".

Andrew Garnett - 12/02/15

"We love the system [Electrolux Central Vacuum] and your service, so are always happy for you to give my number out. They can call me on my mobile anytime."

Mr Price, Chipping Norton - 11/02/15

"Thank you so much for all the trouble you have taken to support us in our drying-out process. We woke up this morning to find all our windows bone-dry, even though the outside temperature is only about 3°C! The internal humidity is now down to 43%... we can now turn our attention to redecorating to get rid of the black condensation marks on the wallpaper. We have been seriously impressed by everything we have seen of your company and just wish we could say the same of more people that have done work for us. We will let our neighbours and friends in France know how sucessful this system is proving and if we can do anything to help with recommendations elsewhere, just let us know."

Allan Wheelwright, Dumfries & Galloway - 05/01/14
"Colin - just wanted to say thanks for your time last Friday - a helpful human voice is so much better than words on the page of an operating manual. We think the ventilation and heat recovery system has proved to be a great part of the benefits of our new build, so it's good to understand its range of options more fully."

Richard Boardman, London - 29/08/13
"Thank you Clarissa - that's really good of you to respond... your email is much appreciated. I wish more companies in England were as diligent..."

Phil Dolling, Wiltshire - 24/07/13
"Thanks to all for the support, I hope this was the most difficult project you have to deal with :), Mike was very very helpful, so thanks for the patience!"

Herbert Messing, Monmouthshire - 19/06/13
"Just a quick note to thank you and team on an efficient installation. Congratulations on the quality of your guys...excellent: efficient, polite and professional."

Alan Paice, Co Londonderry - 18/04/13
"I ordered built-in vacuum parts (Beam) from Total Home Environment, the parts were despatched very quickly letting me complete the job. Prices were very reasonable and there was very good communication via email, (order confirmation and despatch). I wish other suppliers were as effcient! Living in Northern Ireland we are sometimes treated as a foreign country by suppliers when we are only across a small pond!" 

Lily Evans, Berkshire - 19.02.13

"We wanted to thank Pete and his co-worker Paul on being exemplary installers.  They have worked through some very cold weather in a totally unheated garage without a murmur.  They have come in the snow braving the roads and 5h journey yet still worked an 8h day.  Most of all, we hardly noticed having them here which was a real skill since our house is a bungalow and thus there is no place to hide.  Our old heating and more so plumbing system have been quite complicated.  I never heard Pete complain about the extra work this has entailed. While Pete and Paul were working I have had uninterrupted business meetings in the house.  Pete has kept us informed of the progress every day. While staying locally their working day was regularly 10h or more.  They have kept the place clean throughout.  We have no hesitation to recommend Pete to any of your future clients".

Valerie & Martin Green, Stroud - 01/11/2012
"Thank you for your patience and perseverance and for the splendid Instruction Card that will be carefully kept!"

Philip Vipond, Wales- 19/06/2012
"I would like to add a personal note of thanks to Pete, who apart from being the most industrious contractor we have had on site, has also been polite and courteous throughout and has taken the time to explain and liaise with me on the positioning of the inlets and outlets of the system... A rare breed of 'thinker' - look after him; they are very rare..."

Mr Perera, Middlesex - 28/02/2012
"Very impressive system designs. If other people we have dealt with, over this building process were half as amenable and half as efficient as you, we would have had such a smooth and quick process."

Vicci Lewis, Ditchling - 26/05/2011
"Just a quick note to say how good your installer was. He was professional, diligent, tidy and the pipework is exceptionally neat"

Patricia O'Brien, Farnham - 10/03/2011
"I would like to thank you for the engineer who serviced my Genvex system and my Electrolux vacuum system. He was polite, very knowledgeble and very helpful. Thank you and congratulations on employing such an excellent engineer"

Tabassum Sharif, Scotland - 04/02/2011
"Thank you for a wonderful service and all your help!"

Bev Pearson, Brittany - 30/10/09
"Thank you for your usual swift and useful response... especially the design manual. My husband found that very useful and was very impressed with the clarity of the instructions. Our central vacuum system is now installed and functioning perfectly..."

Phil Trocki, Powys - 26/04/09
"Thanks very much for the work involved with supply and installation of our heat recovery unit and central vacuum.  We have been running the HR unit... and it is easily providing enough heat for the whole building without using the ground floor UFH system.  The experience has proved to be one of the most straightforward and least stressful elements of our new build..."

Carol Long, Hawthorn Environmental Service Ltd - 22/01/09
"... it has solved our condensation problems - it's had a good test this winter and there has been no condensation, which is a really good improvement as far as we're concerned... We now feel we can clean up and redecorate around the windows to get rid of the old mould/condensation marks.

... I
t doesn't take a lot of energy (& our electricity is from Good Energy) and it's lovely not having insects coming into the house!

Sheila Best, Kent - 24/09/08
"following the visit of your engineer on Saturday...grateful I am to you for attending to the problems we have experienced with our SMART central vacuum system.  The customer service we have received since contacting the USA has been second to none.  T.H.E’s prompt attention to our plight has exceeded our expectations and we have not hesitated in telling our many friends and family of the brilliant service we have now received... The engineer was polite, courteous and concerned about the difficulties we have experienced.

I would also like to mention that we are hoping to build another house/houses soon, having just bought some land for development, and we will most certainly be seeking to install a T.H.E central vacuum system within that project.

So, well done T.H.E, a little customer service goes such a long way and we are most definitely satisfied customers who look forward to dealing with your company again..."

Mrs Rumford, Northampton - 05/04/07
"...The brush was delivered by post the day following my order. If only all companies were this professional!"

Mrs Bowes, Norfolk - 19/02/07
"Thank you for coming out so far..."

Mr Reed, Surrey - 04/01/07
"...brilliant service I won't forget!"

Mr P Honey, Berkshire - 07/11/06
"...Colin was amazing - working out how to get pipes from cellar to attic, getting into small places and staying cheerful. He said it had been one of the most difficult jobs he'd undertaken. A great job. Well done!"

M Matthews, Carmarthenshire - 11/10/06
"Thank you for your help with the order and your prompt response to the enquiry..."
Mr Cutforth, Wiltshire - 05/09/06
"Joe was bionic. I have never seen anyone work as hard and he was great at problem solving."

Julie Veysey, Miami Beach House in Exeter (on Channel 4's GRANDDESIGNS)
"...Both their product and customer service are excellent..."

Mrs Boddington, Manchester - 18/01/06
"...thanks for your wonderful customer service Mhorag."
RMT Builders Ltd, Warwickshire - 24/11/05
"I am writing to say how delighted, we at RMT Builders Ltd are in our dealings with members of your staff...Based on our good experience with your company, we will be putting your central vacuums systems in our residential developments that warrant such a system."

Joan Beacon, Hertfordshire - 01/10/05
"...thank you for being so helpful and prompt."

B Tomlinson, Living Villages, Shropshire - 27/07/05
"...I would also like to comment on the efficiency and neatness of the work done by your installation team on the retro-fit project during our absence from the property. Not an easy job by any means but the house was left clean and as undisturbed as possible."

A Wadham, Essex - 22/04/05
"I would like to express my sincere thanks to Total Home Environment Ltd for the prompt and efficient service which I received...I was very impressed with the professional approach..."

Mrs Wu, Liverpool - 26/08/03
"...thank you for being so understanding and helpful over supplying and installing all the ventilation units. I am very pleased with all the work..."

Mr Wakerly, Milton Keynes - 27/12/02
"I would like to open my letter with a word of thanks for the very prompt action you have taken with my request for a replacement PCB for my vacuum system. I phone on Friday 20th Dec, you sent it on Monday 23rd Dec and it arrived at 7.30am on Tuesday 24th Dec!..."

Mr & Mrs Bosse, Herefordshire - 26/06/99
"You recently installed a heat recovery ventilation system and a central vacuum system in our new Scandia Hus timber frame dormer bungalow. We felt we would like to express our pleasure and satisfaction with both products and to thank you for the professional and workman-like way in which you installed them. We will be pleased to recommend your company..."